eCube Programmable embeded micro controller.

Enterprise Cube

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Simply put, the eCUBE is a compact control device with enough processing power and on-board I/O to handle virtually all local area control requirements. The versality of this small unit is unparalleled in the controls industry. While the built-in user interface defines the unit as a perfect soluon for dedicated equipment control, the inherent network capabilies also make it a viable soluon for plant-wide distributed intelligence designs.

The eCUBE can be purchased as a raw controller or in prewired standard packages. Signal condioning boards and I/O modules are also available to allow the unit to monitor and control all industry standard digital signal levels.

Want to program it yourself? The inherent funconality of the eCUBE operang system dramatically simplifies program development requirements. Simple method calls are provided to handle low-level tedious tasks (analog value scaling, screen posioning, etc...).

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