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Industrial Signal Server

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Signal Server Technology is simply a method of interfacing real world signals into a network environment. The resulting system allows for plant-wide system control and can be custom configured for each customer's specific needs. Since the design can support multiple controllers added to the network at any point in time, the final system offers the customer unlimited future expandability.

When internet connectivity is utilized, the system can even provide enterprise-wide control on an international scale. The DBC/OS32+ operating system that we developed for the controllers provides drivers to monitor/control standard PLC I/O rack component systems produced by all major manufacturers (AB, GE, Opto22, AutomationDirect, etc...) simultaneously. The operating system and associated refrigeration control software has evolved to become a product that can be configured to literally handle anything a customer might wish to do with an environmental control system.

The eLOGIC Signal Server provides SCADA class control for plant wide automation efforts. The server can communicate with various industrial input/output structures and will interface with all major brand PLC's. This connectability allows users to retrieave data, monitor signals for alarm conditions and provide supervisory control with a mix of different equipment suppliers.

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